It has been a good winter to cozy up and moan about the weather.   But that must come to an end as it is time to start thinking about summer again and get back into training!

Registration is now open.  As we know from last year, it fills up quickly, particularly the Relay teams.   I encourage you to get on this quickly.

Several of us are registered to do a 5K Fun Run in March to get the legs moving.   Registration is still open for the Ras na hEireann. Please join us for a quick run, some beer and good times.

Please let me know if the team meetings were helpful to you last year (support, encouragement, training tips) and if you would want these to continue.

Thank you to all!   I hope to see another great turnout this year!!!!!!!


The Jingle Bell Run is Sunday, December 19 at 9am.   It starts at The Burren, 247 Elm Street in Somerville.

Several of us plan to meet afterward for some fun and holiday cheer.   We will be meeting at Olde Magoun’s Saloon, 518 Medford Street.

Some veterans of this race suggest parking at the lot near here.  It is less congested than the lots right near the start and gives  you close access to warm, dry clothes after the race before we relax.

It will be great to catch up!


All are welcome to join in a time of remembrance for Ken Baughman at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 16th on the Shapiro Porch on the 3rd floor.  Please share this invitation with others in your departments who may want to join us.

Debra H. Rogers
Executive Director
Cardiovascular Services
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Now that the Cranberry Trifest has come and gone, a few of you may be looking for something to do … Here is another popular event coming up in December that a few folks have already signed up for, and are hoping others might join as well.

Get out there … and don’t forget your bells!


The Bulletin article is up online and should be out on the newsstands shortly.

We included a commenting piece for members of Team Baughman who wanted to share a little something about their experience. If you’d like to pass it on, it would be great to have people write in:


Elizabeth Smallcomb
Manager, Internal Communications
Department of Communication & Public Affairs
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Hello, Team Baughman!

Hoping you’ve all recovered from Sunday’s events! Congratulations, and great job to everyone!

Here’s a link to the pictures that I have from the weekend. I tried to sift through and pick a manageable amount; if you don’t see yourself or wonder if I have a certain photo, please email me as I have many more pictures!

I’ve tried to include as many people as I could think of on this email; please forward the link to others as necessary!


Cara Richoux

I want to congratulate every one of you that participated in Team Baughman.  It was an incredible day…very inspirational and emotional.  You honored Ken in probably the only way he would have wished to be remembered.  He would have been so proud of all of you and, since I’m sure he was with us, probably was asking why you all weren’t doing triathlons with him all along!  He certainly loved training and racing.  Thank you for such a great tribute.

It was an amazing day yesterday.   Ken was surely smiling on us.

A few housekeeping details…

We realized that we didn’t have the Team names, only the Team participants.   Please send me your Team names and/or Relay team numbers.

I have a few things that were left yesterday.

-grocery bag with two pairs of female sneakers, ? one child’s pair

-bag with black, Champion, half-zip XS shirt and two Cranberry Trifest shirts

-black fabric sunglass case

Also if you did not have a chance to sign the team shirt, please stop by my office to do so.

Thank you all for an incredible event!


Cranberry Trifest is past us now … and it was amazing day!  Many “personal best’s” were recorded, and new friendships were made.  Today was the end of training for this year but I think it was the beginning of new things to come!

Here is a slide show I put together from today.  Susan told me Ken was fond of classic rock, and this seemed appropriate.

Cheers – Justin

Good morning team!

So, I’m sure you are all pretty nervous!!  This is a good sign!  It’s perfectly normal. If you weren’t nervous, I’d be concerned. 🙂  You’ve done all your training, now kick back and relax these last couple of days.  Make sure you get some good sleep and eat well!!

Tips for race day… try to relax.  Think of it as a training day.  Take as much of the stress out of it as possible.  You’ve done a mile swim, you’ve done 25 miles on your bike, and you done a 10K running… the only difference is that you now you have to link them together.  And you can do it!  Just take it one step at a time.  Don’t try to go to fast.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluid (I hear it will be hot) and eat when you can.  I would strongly recommend using a running hat to keep the sun off your face while you run.  It makes a huge difference!

Lauren and I will be there on Sunday cheering for you!  We will plan to get there early enough to help you with your transition areas.  Remember to get there by 6:30… parking, registering and getting your transition space is key! and having time to chill and get into a good mental state is ideal!

You guys are going to do great! and I can’t wait to see!  Any last minute questions, please let me know. I will be around.

Cheers! And good luck!


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